Everything you need

is all around you.

Productivity and well-being now go hand in hand.
That's why be offers its tenants a series of services designed to make the Business Park a place out of the ordinary.
Some of these are located in the pecchi, be's nerve centre: a modern, integrated structure where you can work, collaborate and improve.

  • Outdoor facilities
  • Nursery & Baby Parking
  • Electric Car Recharging
  • Shuttle Service from the MM2 line (Cassina De' Pecchi) to Passante S5 S6 railway line (Pioltello)
  • Bike Parking
  • 24-hour Security
  • Amazon Lockers (currently being installed)


the pecchi

At the heart of be, there's a place that will remain in your heart. It's the pecchi, a multifunctional space perfectly integrated in the Business Park and designed to give you everything a modern company cannot be without.
It will completely change the way you work.

  • Food area with 5 corners
  • Café & Lounge area
  • Co-working
  • Rooms for meetings and events
  • Gym


one step ahead

Our services are available for the park's tenants, with special discounts and access to the official apps for be users.
If you want to know how to have more, join our community.